About us

Hari Jewels- The destiny’s destination for transcendental jewelry!

The tradition and commitment to celebrate each one’s distinctive persona in designing a piece of ornament with rarest of rare craftsmanship has been upheld by HARI JEWELS with an undying passion. The roots of the brand can be traced back to the ancient handmade jewelers based in heart of old Delhi, India. The exclusivity of designer jewelry carved a niche for itself in the times of Mughal Empire.

Anand Jain (also known  as-“Hari”)- a visionary of extraordinary flair for reckoning the need of presenting this ancient art of making jewellery and rare gemstones to the world decided to move to the United States. Hari Gems was its first of its kind outpost in the heart of New York City and became one of the finest providers of different kinds of gemstones to the North American Jewelers in 1990’s.

After having served New York with unmatched quality gemstones for more than fifteen years, the company went through a grand makeover in the year 2007. It re-launched as of the unique and paramount designer jewelry under the name of HARI JEWELS right where all the action was- the diamond district on the 47th street.

The company spread its wings and with a keen desire to bring their range of customized jewelry pieces to the west coast; it opened its store in the glamorous city of Los Angeles in the year 2014.The dedicated and talented team of craftsmen and designers work in tandem with the changing taste and trends of the world. The research and development team endeavours to push all limits to bring out the latest and most innovative jewelry pieces to you.

HARIDRA– a young arm of the brand has been specifically launched to cater to exclusive boutique stores with exceptional and one of its kind jewelry world over. The brand often showcases its beautiful works of art in various trade fairs around the globe giving you an opportunity to have sneak peak at the world of handmade jewellery from the enchanting country of India. HARI JEWELS pride itself in capacity to present the world with most enthralling pieces of jewelry in the ever changing dynamics of this age and time. When you walk through its doors, be assured that you are walking in to a dream world and to have your dreams realized.